~ David Allen Brooks ~

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From the TNT Crusade website:

"David A. Brooks has starred in Melrose Place, The Young & The Restless, JAG and Walker, Texas Ranger. He has appeared in a number of feature films including The Doors, directed by Oliver Stone; The Kindred; and Nighthawks. Brooks also starred in the Off-Broadway production of The Normal Heart."

JMS has this to say about David's portrayal of Max Eilerson ... Taken from Interstellar Network.

"David Allen Brooks as Max Eilerson speaks with an utter confidence that says he owns everything around him that is not moving or on fire, even more so than was at first indended in the dialogue as written. He brings a wonderful eccentricity to the role, a sence of humour that prevents the character from sliding into cliche'. I know I can write this character as broadly as I want, and the actor will take it home and make it real."

David's comments on the Tango scene in "Ruling from the Tomb" ... Taken from Starburst August 1999:

"It was really intimidating.  I hated going to dance class. I got a phone call beforehand, and when I got it, I went and found someone to give me lessons, because I knew that Carrie was a good dancer, and could save the day, but I had to be able to handle it, so it was kind of an interesting shot.  I havne't seen too much of it yet, but it's now in the title sequence, so I guess it was good enough to show off.  I think John had it in mind from the beginning because he made this special shot with the tango, and it looked good. John is a very smart, very eclectic very intelligent guy."

More from the dance scene ... Taken from Sci-Fi Tv October 1999:

Although the number turned out well, Brooks credits most of its success to his skilled dancing partner. "We shot it in one day, and they were pretty patient with my blocking, but by the time you get to the floor, you better have your guns ready, because there's no time to learn it there.  We rehearsed it a few times. Carrie came out to the dance class, all the way up to Santa Monica to meet me, and went through the paces.  She was very patient, It didn't look bad. I know I could have done better, but she was great."

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