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Crusade / Babylon 5 Sites

The Ulysses Foundation is organizing an AIDS awareness Science Fiction convention in Costa Mesa, California.

Corrupt Data Crystal
The best Crusade fan fic archive on the web.  Not that I'm biased, or anything.

Baylon 5 Encyclopedia

Crusade Babes
Carrie Dobro (Dureena Nafeel) and Marjean Holden (Dr. Sarah Chambers) have this aptly named web page.

Save Crusade
A very nice site, and the source of a few of the images in the gallery.

Em'Lynn's Crusade Chronicles
A terriffic site, and Em'Lynn was gracious enough to let me use some of her screen caps.

TNT Crusade
Yeah, it's TNT. Yeah, they dropped the show. Yeah, I'm linking to them.

The Downbelow Sound Archive for Crusade
THE place for Crusade (and Babylon 5) sounds and quotes.

Beyond the Rim- Crusade
A nice site with images and a message board.

Originally a Babylon 5 site, Thestation.com now encompasses the entire B5 universe, including Crusade.

Spoiler Junkies Page
A wonderful site for spoilers, reviews, and pics!

The Zocolo
It's back!

Non-Science Fiction Sites

Locks of Love
A non-profit organization dedicated to helping children with long term medical hair loss.  I donated 10 inches of my hair at Gallifrey One in February.

If you'd like to link to the Max Eilerson Fan Page, the URL is http://maxeilerson.tripod.com and you can use this banner:

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