~ TNT Chat Trasncript ~

This is the David Allen chat hosted by TNT on September 13, 1999.

David Allen Brooks: Hello, welcome from California
Q: Do you have any new information about Crusade?
David Allen Brooks: Yes. That it's probably going to metamorph into other projects, but as an entity, it is gone.
DogDoc: What is your most memorable experience from the filming of Crusade?
David Allen Brooks: that we were exploring as our mission called for. And I got the feeling of being on the edge of known space. That was scary and exciting.
David Allen Brooks: There's more than a few. The first one that comes to mind is standing in the space ship for the first time in my quarters looking out the window into a studio wall, but imagining the great stretch of unknown space.
Robina: Welcome Mr. Brooks. I'm in Scotland. Do you have any plans to visit the UK?
David Allen Brooks: Yes. Next year, going to London convention. Quite excited about seeing Europe again.
Jobsies: First of all, I saw you speak at Agamemcon and you and Peter were great. I hope to see you again next year. My question is how was it going from Crusade to Young and the Restless?? Which did you like better??
David Allen Brooks: Minor trauma -- culture shock and I liked doing Crusade better but the folks at the soap were awfully genuine and nice for such high pressure work.
Purpura: Hello. Can you tell us about the pranks on the set?
David Allen Brooks: There's one I CAN NOT tell you about and actually I can't think of anything that I CAN tell you about. Fairly boring response I know.
Jesus and Dawn: What do you think would happen if you and Eilerson ever met in real life?
David Allen Brooks: There would be a blood bath! Stubbornness would be the catalyst of a confrontation I am sure. Not to mention a dash of arrogance on both of our parts.
Ravenwild: What was you favorite scene from the show?
David Allen Brooks: I sort of liked the scene with my wife -- when I'm leaving my wife and it's a rather emotional scene with Mr. Kitty and leaving her feeling somewhat emotional, but covered in the Eilerson style.
Tigermage: Cars tell a lot about someone. What kind of car do you drive and what do you wish you had? :-)
David Allen Brooks: There's a very timely question. I just sold a 5-year old truck. The only car I have is a 10-year old Acura. And I couldn't decide between a BMW, a Mercedes or another pick-up truck. I have now decided. I can't drive a BMW or a Mercedes. So I'm driving a pick-up. It will be a Dodge 2500 with a big cab. Vehicles rather bore me.
Pua: Mr. Brooks - What are your plans for the immediate future - professionally.
David Allen Brooks: I've just cleaned out everything I own and I'm going back to work on a play of mine that I'm writng and I will do some physical training, diet and work out to get into shape for it. And lastly, I will take my little vacuum cleaner back out into the business and look for work. And this is when I really miss being in the novel of Joe's writing and the adventures of Crusade.
Qixotl: What was your audition for Max like?
David Allen Brooks: It was a four-week process of finding out that I could go anywhere I wanted with him because of Joe's openness. And I had to really focus on how hurt he was underneath to create his powerful defenses of sarcasm and intellect.
Peridot: DAB - A loyal band of "American Gothic" fans tuned into Crusade originally to support Gary Cole - and ended up 'mad about Max'. Can you satisfy us on both counts? What was it like working with GC?
David Allen Brooks: One of the pleasures of my career was working with Gary. Good guy. Easy as a Canadian fisherman on vacation and quite professional. And ultimately a bit shy, I think.
David Allen Brooks: From Max's point of view: The captain is innane, superficial, boring, but he has loyalty. Other than that, I will be happy to use the mission and his leadership to my own ends.
Jamieson1: Are you as intelligent as Max?
David Allen Brooks: The answer to that is ***k no! In my delusions I am.
bzo: David, loved your dance scene with Carrie, who choreographed it?
David Allen Brooks: A dance coach. Carrie is a professional dancer. I had to go to a dance class to get the steps down. I hate doing other people's steps. I'm good doing my own--not theirs. But it was fun. And I had an injured ankle that day. Carrie saved the day that day. She made it work.
Ninkasi: What types of literature do you prefer? Had you read much SF before Crusade?
David Allen Brooks: I like historical biographies. Science fiction was a fringe interest. But I am interested in it now. I wish Bester was still writing. Maybe he is and I don't know about it.
sam359: Do you have any upcoming conventions?
David Allen Brooks: Yes, in Florida. A Vulkon convention in Orlando and maybe some others. We're talking to some other people right now. So stay tuned.
Jamieson1: Who does it feel to have so many fans?
David Allen Brooks: Hard to let in. You work in a vacuum, come out and people like what you do. Odd reality! But I'm getting better at letting it in and I'm deeply appreciative of the fact that I can be a part of someone's creative life ... the sci fi novel on TV.
sam359: Do you have a web page?
David Allen Brooks: Yes, on Screen Actors Guild or Player's Guide for Actors.
Purpura: If you could act with any actor in any kind of scene who and what kind of scene would it be ???
David Allen Brooks: I'd like to be in a scene with Anthony Hopkins and I would like to be in a verbal confrontation with him as a test of words, just to see what it would feel like to be in that man's focus and a power.
SciFiHi: Mr. Brooks, Did you see any similarities between your character and Dr. Smith of Lost In Space?
David Allen Brooks: Yes. His humor. Smith was mentioned when I first got the role and I looked into his shows and saw the demonic, neurotic, self-centeredness and the very existential, acid kind of humor he came up with as something Eilerson would have.
Dargen: Did you experience any of the Babylon 5 synchronicities?
David Allen Brooks: I'm not sure if our synchronicities were a brother to theirs. But yes, there was a harmony around the workplace that belied synchronicity.
Derfel: Max is such a smug, Machiavellian character, I ended up loving him and despising him all at once. Was he as much fun for you to portray as it was for us to watch?
David Allen Brooks: I don't know how much fun it was for you to watch, but it was a joy for me to explore my own "entitlement" that Max had, much more than I.
qksilver99: Have you ever seen Blake 7? There has been comments on the similarity between your character and Darrow's Avon.
David Allen Brooks: No I have not seen Blake 7. But archetypes run the world.
JasonHurd: What are the chances of us seeing another spinoff, Crusade: The Max Project. Ahem.
David Allen Brooks: Hopefully good, that there will be another character that has the edge that Max has to bring to a story line.
Jesus and Dawn: Who is your favorite historical figure?
David Allen Brooks: Good question. Daniel Boone, Samuel Adams, Dylan Thomas and Thomas Jefferson. And Thomas Cooke the explorer.
PsiCopNatalie: Mr. Brooks, which do you prefer, cats or dogs?
David Allen Brooks: Cats. Less maintenance. I can't handle the unconditional love of a dog.... yet.
qksilver99: Geez, from Max's point of view is there ANYONE tolerable on the Excalibur or is Max the lone sane soul on the voyage of the dammed? : D
David Allen Brooks: Dureena has potential. And the girl who does my nails.
Qixotl: So far in your career, do you have a favorite role? You don't have to say Max if you don't mean it. : )
David Allen Brooks: I did a play in New York at the Public Theatre called the Normal Heart and that part took me as deep as I ever worked. But Max has a classical panache that I loved.
kathyh: Mr. Brooks, do you believe there are other species in the universe with higher technology?
David Allen Brooks: Absolutely. Why not?
qksilver99: So Mr. brooks, is this your first internet chat, and have we scared you to the very core of your soul yet? (evil laugh)
David Allen Brooks: No and no.
Qixotl: Which was more enjoyable for you to portray? The crass irritable Max or the more regretful Max in a few of the later filmed eps?
David Allen Brooks: The crass irritable Max.
JasonHurd: So, what is the strangest thing you've ever been asked during a live online chat?
David Allen Brooks: If I had done homework on being an archeologist. I'm grateful to say that I had. What a relief.
Kailin: How long do you think it will take you to work on this play idea you are working on?
David Allen Brooks: First act is done. The second act could take 2 to 6 months depending on how scattered I am.
Ninkasi: David, were you familiar with B5 before you auditioned for Max?
David Allen Brooks: Yes. I was interested in how realistic and casual the style was in comparison to Star Trek.
Pua: What was your favorite episode?
David Allen Brooks: Rules of the Game.
MsLeibniz: How early did you show up for makeup? We all hear the horror stories of the "alien roles" check-in time
David Allen Brooks: I breezed in just 2 hours before shooting with no prosthetics -- Thank You God!
qksilver99: How did you ever manage to say "And Mr. Kitty was mine a hell of a long time before you entered and left my life" with a straight face. Somehow I never expected Eilerson to have a cat and then name it Mr. kitty.
David Allen Brooks: Talk to Joe. And with Max's defense system, Mr. Kitty and that red headed woman were the only things that got in to the middle of his heart.
MsLeibniz: What would Max think would give him true happiness, or is this concept alien to him?
David Allen Brooks: Complete facism. He would be the facist. Air tight power and respect would be a first good step.
David Allen Brooks: I would like to say good bye and thank you for the privilege of your screen space. Good night.

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