~ About the Author(ess) ~

Well, all right, not All About Io, but probably more than you ever wanted to know.

Io is short for Iocane. If any of you know The Princess Bride, that should sound familiar to you.  She turned 20 on October 3 of 1999. Which means she'll be legal to drink at the *real* Milinium Party. (2000-2001)

Many of you have probably heard the Jason Carter Story already.

I have to admit that despite my fanishness, I neglected to catch all of the episodes.  In fact, I've seen less then half of the 13 aired.

My favorite characters are, in order ... Max Eilerson (Never would have guessed, would you?) John Matheson, Dureena, Gideon, Galen, Chambers (or Chained up, as I like to call her) I have no particular liking for Lockley at all. Trace always in an episode I never saw, so I have no opinion of him.

I enjoy writing fan fiction, all of which is archived at the Corrupt Data Crystal, which I run. My favorite couples are Max/John, Max/Dureena, and John/Dureena.  There's a wonderful writer by the name of Galenn who stands a chance of turning me into a Gideon/Max fan as well.

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