~ The Normal Heart ~

Amazon.com entry for the book version.

This is a play written by Larry Kramer, and was originally preformed in NYC at the Public Theater in 1985.  I don't know which role was played by DAB.

Ten years later, DAB was on hand for a Tenth Anniversary reading of the play, also at the Public Theater.

According to DAB, this part took him as deep as he's ever gone.

At Vulkon in Orlando, DAB gave us this tidbit ... This comes from Bette.

Most embarrassing moment  of his career?

Doing the Normal Heart on stage with Brad Davis.  It was a Sunday afternoon matinee, the audience filled with blue hairs.  He was doing a long speech to Davis. Suddenly he notices the audience and he totally loses the speech and has no idea what to say.  So he starts pacing back and forth just saying anything hoping he'll pick up the thread of the speech.  After a few moments it comes back to him and he manages to complete the scene.  Backstage Davis comes up to him and says "What the hell was that?" and David apologies profusely.

If you have any information about this role, please let me know.

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