~ Maxims ~

Dureena: "My people are taught to avoid crossroads.  Also beaches, cliffs, pits, caverns ... and wells."
Max: "Where do you go on vacation? Another part of the room?"

Max: "So you have a magic rock, that provides you with a mystical places, that is a
metaphor of a book, that gives you answers to questions we haven't asked yet. And you want us to spend days in hyperspace based on that?"

Max: "I just do what I am told. The cooperation knows all, sees all, and tell very little. If we make a bad call, we can honest say that we have acted in good consciences based on the information available. Absolution in abscissa The
blessed state of being able to say, it's not my fault."

Max: "Good in theory, lousy in practice. It implies that I'm expendable. I am many things. I am bright, personable, charismatic, and not a bad dancer, but expendable. No."

Dureena: "Gods, I am drowning in testosterone."
Max: "Oh, luckily for you, you're equipped with flotation devices."

Max: "I pick up the call, because in my entire life, I've loved three things. My work; that damned cat; and you. Pathetic isn't it? Good-bye Cynthia."

Max: "I hate it when I go to movies with kids in the audience, because there is always someone there that tells me I can't kill them when they get loud. Now who makes up rules anyway." -- Submitted by Chris (spottea@earthlink.net)

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