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In The Kindred David Allen Brooks plays Dr. John Hollis, apparently the head of a corporate research team.  After awakening from a coma, his mother asks that he go to her house and destroy all of the experiments she conducted after her retirement.

Not understanding, he asks why.  She tells him that he must do it, particularly any information regarding Anthony, apparently a "brother" John never knew he had.

At his mother's funeral, John is approached by a lovely woman, claiming to be a fan of his mothers work. He invites her to join them at the house that weekend to sort through his late mother's work, much to the annoyance of his girlfriend, Sharon.

While there, strange things happen, John and Sharon's dog is killed, and a member of their team is attacked.

All in all, a rather good movie.  Rod Steiger, it was said somewhere, seems to be auditioning for Marlon Brando's role in the Island of Dr. Maroeu. Quite true, there are similarities.

As much as this seems like it would be a bad movie, it does rather well for itself.  What it lacks in cinematography, it makes up for in special effects.  There's suprisingly little gore for a movie of this nature, and no sex to speak of. Only one kiss, and a few heated looks. (One of which comes from DAB himself, another is directed at him.)

There are plenty of wonderful moments that make the movie worth it for any DAB fan, even if you don't like this kind of movie.  It's also an enjoyable movie all on its own.

Images of DAB in The Kindred (Part of the David Allen Brooks Image Gallery)

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