~ The Jason Carter Story ~

Update: (March 1, 2000) This report was written BEFORE I went to Gallifrey.

It was at the Sci Fi Dreamin' Part Duex con.  A very low key con with minimal advertising, it was the best convention I've ever been do.  My parents and I were even able to get a table at the special Celebrity dinner.

Before the dinner, there was the first day of the con.  We saw Jason Carter do his stage thing - including poetry.  During the Q&A session, my father asked him what it was like working with ... oh, what the hell's her name, in Dark Dancer. Anyway my mother, Oh She of the Meek Fanness, asked a question, but only loud enough for those around us to hear. Knowing something had been said, JC asked for a repeat of the question. "BOXERS OR BRIEFS?" my father bellowed on his wife's behalf.

JC muttered something about briefs.

After the stage stuff, was supposed to be the autographs.  JC, however, had vanished (Along with my father, a heavy smoker)

After waiting on line for several minutes, My mother and I decided to wait outside instead, we were there for the whole weekend, and could get autographs later.

Outside we find my father. Chatting with two other con-goers. And Jason Carter. Apparently Mr. Carter is a smoker. And he rolls his own.

We chatted with him for a while, and of course, fan-girl me got a few pictures taken with him.

Later that night ...

The dinner was over, and people were prepping for the Costume contest.  I was sitting in the sidelines. (Having had my picture taken with Sandy Bruckner, of Zocolo fame) Sandy asked me if I was in the costume contest (I was wearing a pair of red leggings, a red satin shirt, glittery black vest and a cape.) I told her I wasn't. She said I was now.

My competition was a psi-cop, a faeary, a blonde Delenn and two EF officers.

I took third place.

After the dinner was par-tay!

JC was a doll, posing for all who asked.  At one point, he was posing with a girl, and picked her up with little apparent effort.  When told he couldn't take her away, he put her down.  My mother and I had an idea.

Moving slowly, we managed to get on either side of him, as though preparing for a picture.  One, two, three, lift! He's not that heavy at all. (In the picture he looks like a deer caught in the headlights.)  After a moment or two, we put the poor man down.

The next day, after his stage stuff, he said "Any questions?" Took one look at my mother and said "Boxers today!"

I'm the one on Jason's left.

<=== That's me!!


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