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David Allen Brooks appeared in the episode "Force Recon."

This information comes from Lisa. Thanks Lisa!!

DAB in Force Recon played a loud-mouthed ranger (typecast?) in a one scene appearance.  David James Elliott as Rabb, the star, was undercover as a Gunnery Sgt and to convince the men of his loyalty to them, as Recon Marines, kicked his ass, basically.

The dialogue goes something like this:


marines: (toasting) Recon!  Hurgh!
DAB AT ANOTHER TABLE:(sarcastic) Recon?  Ooh-ahh.
Tessler, a marine: Take your covers off, we don't wear them inside in the corps. (referring to DAB wearing his beret)
DAB: We're rangers, not jar-heads
RABB: (to Tessler, who moves threateningly) As you were, Tessler.These doggies are our guests.  They're here to learn from us.
The marines laugh.  DAB stands up.
DAB: The only thing we're learning from you guys is how to use the head (bathroom) ... sitting down.
All the marines stand.
RABB: As you were.
Tessler: Gunny!
DAB: Sit down.
Rabb socks DAB.  He hurts his hand doing it but goes back for another.  Blows are exchanged.  The whole bar begins fighting. The marines end up in the brig.  The rangers, apparently, all end up in sick bay.

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