~ Crusade ~

David played Max Eilerson, and Max is the role many of us "discovered" him in.

This shortlived (13 episodes) spinoff of Babylon 5 wasn't given a chance by TNT before it's cancellation.  Of the 13 episodes filmed and aired, David Allen Brooks (as Max Eilerson) appeared in 10 of them.

Currently all I have here is a brief summary of each episode.  As of now, I have seen them all, I just don't feel like re-doing all the summarys, since they look good.  Reviews will also have to wait

War Zone

The first episode, introduction of the characters and the mission. Mathew Gideon is called to Earth just in time to be assigned to the Excalibur on a mission to find a cure for the Drakh plague.

The Long Road

A group of separatist humans are putting up resistance when EarthForce tries to mine a very valuable mineral near their village.  There is, of course, more than meets the eye.

The Well of Forever

Galen convinces the crew to search hyperspace for "a mystical place, that is a metaphorical book that gives us answers to questions that we haven't asked yet."

The Path of Sorrows

A creature is found imprisoned in a planet, the Excalibur crew tries to understand it.

Patterns of the Soul

Gideon and the Excalibur are sent to roust out some humans who managed to escape during the initial Drakh bombardment.

Ruling from the Tomb

The Excalibur has been called to Mars for a symposium on the Drakh plague.

The Rules of the Game

The Excalibur is at Babylon 5. Max meets up with is ex wife, Cynthia, who's in a little bit of trouble.

Appearances and other Deceits

The crew finds a ship derelict in space, mystery ensues.

Racing the Night

The crew of the Excalibur explores a planet, and Max seems to have found a treasure trove of information ... Or has he?

The Memory of War

Just the planet Gideon is looking for, but Galen has reservations, and not the Hilton kind.

The Needs of Earth

Gideon goes outside the laws of the alliance in the interests of the needs of Earth.

Visitors from Down the Street

Gideon finds a shuttle with alien Skully and Mulder, oops, I mean, two alien conspiracy theorists.

Each Night I Dream of Home

When one of the last active Senetors orders Gideon to "Sector 100", they stop - or rather, slow down - to pick up a life pod.

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