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Internet Movie Database entry.

Review by Iocane

Billed as an "erotic thriller" this movie stars David Allen Brooks as Paul Fox.  He has recently married the mother of a 17 year old girl who is convinced that he (DAB) is trying to kill her mother.

The movie, over all, is bad.  Not horrible (Horrible implies some amount of  character this movie is lacking.) just bad. Really, really bad.

DAB stands out as a man amung cardboard cutouts.  The dialogue is stilted, but he did the best he could under the circumstances. The special effects are typical, but passible. To be honest, I actually find this movie easier to watch each time.  With a few exceptions, it's actually a rather beliveable film. Well, if you overlook the dialogue and add dimentions to the characters it's believable.

Oh ... And one thing that makes this movie worth buying for any DAB fan ... DAB is very, very shirtless in one scene. In fact, he's very naked, but you can only see the chest. And his butt, a little. You need to drag your eyes away from his chest and look at the mirror for that.  I can't give you any more details because the page is suppoed to be rated PG-13 or less, but I can tell you that ice cubes should be on hand while watching that scene.

If you have a review of this film, any comments or information, please let me know.

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