There are some mailing lists out there for fans of Max Eilerson and David Allen Brooks. I've tried to list all the ones I know about here, but if I've missed one, please let me know.

Also, I do NOT run any of these lists, so please don't e-mail me about wanting to get on or for more information.

"For those Babylon: Crusade fans that enjoy the sardonic,
caustic, cynical mercenary character of Max Eilerson. Open
debates on Mr. Kitty, Cynthia, Sarah Chambers and the
rest of the crusaders."

If you can't tell by its placement and the extrememly large font I used for the list name, Galatic-Core is the best Max/DAB list out there. Bar none.

"This list is about David Allen Brooks. Presently he portrays the character of Max Eilerson on "Crusade" the limited TNT series. And he can also be seen on "Young and the Restless" as Keith Dennison. We can discuss past and present works as well as other things about him."


"This list is about Max Eilerson, an archaeologist on board the
Excalibur on "Crusade." We can discuss just about anything on
him. Please join this list if you like this character. All opinions
are welcome."